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Living with a disfigurement is a daily challenge and the impact on a person's self-confidence and ability to lead a normal life can be severe. Changing Faces Channel Islands can help people with disfigurements, and their families, find the information, support and advice they need to handle difficult situations in the street, feel accepted at school and be treated with fairness and respect in the workplace.

Please help Changing Faces Channel Islands to support people who have disfigurements and to change society's attitudes towards disfigurement.

As a charity, we need as much support as we can get. If you can help our work by giving a donation, however small, this will be greatly appreciated. Your support really will make a difference.

As you may be about to provide us with information of a personal nature please take the time to read our privacy policy here.

To make a donation

Please do not send cash. Instead: 

Send us a cheque or postal order, payable to 'Changing Faces (Channel Islands) LBG


Set up a standing order payable to to Changing Faces Channel Islands LBG to pay either monthly, quarterly or annually for an amount you wish to donate. A standing order form is available here: CF Donation Standing Order

Cheques, Postal orders and completed Standing Order forms should be sent to: Mr. Tony Pickford, Le Petit Fief au Bret, Les Aubrets, St Martin, Guernsey GY4 6EX


By making a legacy to us in your will, you will help future generations. Please contact your advocate for advice on this.


You can make a donation large or small through the website Please visit our page here (external link):






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